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Local Art

there is order, there is chaos Paintings by Jennifer Leatherby When change happens in nature, it is called evolution. When change happens in society, it is called a revolution. Changes happen everywhere, all the time. They happen in our bodies and minds, in our relationships, and in our communities. Occasionally, the system of order needs to be shaken to its core. Historically, when revolutions happen, part of society struggles to accept the changes. There is resistance against this natural evolution which results in suffering as some cling to the old ways. Growth is painful. It may seem that society struggles more with change than the natural world. I don't believe this to be true. The forest hurts when it burns, despite the fact that it grows anew, thriving more than before the flames. When our bones grow rapidly, there is physical pain. Evolution requires that which is unprepared for the new to be left behind. There is death but there is birth. Peace and struggle require each other. It's all a part of life's orderly chaos.   ____________________________________________________________________________ Jennifer Leatherby is a multi-media artist who explores themes on femininity, equality, mental illness, oppression, and nature. She studied art and writing in Northern California and has shown her work internationally. She lives and works in Des Moines and co-owns Portrait Studio.  Instagram: @jenleatherbyart Facebook: @jenniferleatherbyart