Art Terrarium plant styling and rental

Want immediate (greenery) gratification? Hire a Plant Stylist to bring your space to life with a curated collection of houseplants.

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How It Works

Styling & Interior Landscaping
  1. Get started now by scheduling a complimentary site visit with our Plant Stylist in your home, office or business.

  2. We’ll get a feel for the space, assess lighting, consider environmental factors, and discuss your Urban Jungle goals. This process takes 30-60 minutes and is included with your Plant Styling Package.

  3. Following our visit you’ll receive a proposal detailing plant and container recommendations. All that’s left after that is scheduling delivery and installation!

  4. We are dedicated to you thriving as a plant parent and will support your plant care by sharing detailed care instructions for your collection.

  5. Plant Styling projects vary from space to space. We can work with a range of budgets and needs. Project turnarounds are typically between 2-6 weeks. Final invoice will include plants, containers, and Plant Styling services billed at $50/hour (minimum of two hours).

Plant Rentals
  • Schedule your rental for your next special event, photo shoot, or wherever you need to create an amazing experience!

Staging & Delivery
  • On-site plant staging and delivery are available at $50 per hour.