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Acrylic on Canvas

8" x 10"

Liz DeCleene is an artist living and creating in Des Moines, IA. 

In the past I have largely been drawn to structures and architecture as subjects for my paintings. Designed, man-made constructions represent stability and strength, with an unsubstantiated idea of immortality. Of course, I still am interested in architectural beauty, but lately I have been interested in organic forms and smooth curves, unlike a defined building.

Plants, in stark contrast to hard surfaces of brick or stone, are soft, fragile and living. They are constantly changing and moving. Some grow with seemingly impossible odds against them, while other plants need constant and specific care to survive. The life span of each plant is dictated by sunlight, water and even the one who owns and cares for it. The variables are in constant flux, and the plant is visibly changing along with those same variables and environment. Organisms living and breathing have a specific kind of beauty not found in objects or man-made things, a kind of beauty worth noting and capturing.