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Focus On The Fiddle-Leaf: Care to Keep it Awesome

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Water and Fertilizer
Upgrading Pots
Insider Care Tips

Fiddle Leaf Figs have been one of our favorite fascinations in the last few years. They’ve become the designer’s “it” plant, so you’ve definitely seen them on your Instagram recently. The beautiful, dark green leaves with delicate, light veins are a striking statement in any room. As a bonus, their glossy foliage offers a striking, tropical treat all year.

There’s something special about an elegant Fig in a bright room. Traditionally, they have been emphasized as something only for large rooms, but the more important factor is light. This means you could have a great home for a Fiddle Leaf in any room, as long as you have plenty of light.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Houseplant


These plants love as much light as they can get and aren’t shy about their needs. While they will absolutely thrive in a bright room, they aren’t a good fit for dim corners or basements. If it isn’t getting enough light, your Fig could throw a little tantrum and drop some of its leaves in protest, or get pale and spotty. You can still rescue your plant easily, however, by relocating to somewhere in your house with a bit more light!

The best spot for your Fig is in a room with South and/or West-facing windows to make the most of the day’s brightest sun. Ambient light is perfect, but direct sunlight can be a little intense and give your plant a sunburn. You can protect your Fig from UV rays by keeping it a short distance from your windows, which magnify the sun.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your house tree, try not to move it around too much. You’ll want to rotate it every few months to keep it from stretching too much toward its strongest light source, but staying in the same spot helps your Fig get accustomed to its home. Our only exception to this guideline is if you have a protected spot on your patio or porch. Your Fig will thrive if given the chance to be outside in mild spring and summer weather!

Water and Fertilizer:

Figs have so much personality - they know exactly what they want and are clear about their needs. Lucky for you, their needs are super easy to take care of!

Your Fiddle Leaf won’t be happy about soggy roots, so make sure you take enough time between watering for the soil to be dry to the touch. If you poke a finger into the soil, it should be dry all the way to the first knuckle before you water again. When you do water, you’ll want to be super thorough. Keep watering until it’s flowing out of the bottom - this is important to wash out any salts accumulating in the soil. Remember to empty the dish when you’re done watering to prevent sogginess!

It’ll be easy to get into a good watering rhythm with your plant after a few weeks. Tons of things will change how much you need to water, like how much light your plant gets, how big the container is, and how dry your air is. You and your plant will get to know each other quickly and find a pattern that works for you both.

Close up of a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree's leaf

Upgrading Pots:

You’ll know your Fiddle is happy when it starts outgrowing its pot quickly! House-Fiddles have been known to cross the 8’ or 9’ benchmark, so you’ll certainly need a bigger pot at some point.

It won’t be a mystery when you need to size up the home for your Fiddle. When you see the roots wrap around the inner edge of the pot, it’s time to size up. If there are roots coming out of the bottom drainage, you’ll need an upgrade right away!

We recommend only sizing up about 2” of diameter at a time. Any bigger, and parts of your soil could stay wet for too long, hurting the roots of your Fiddle. Inching up a size at a time will keep your leafy friend healthy.

Insider Care Tips:

We love our Fiddle Leafs for their beautiful big leaves! These tropical leaves are also great dust catchers, so you’ll want to wipe them off with a damp cloth every few months. Dust can get in the way of your plant absorbing all the sun it wants, and makes the rich, glossy leaves lose their charm.

Fiddle Leaf Figs are so popular right now for good reason: walk into a room with this beautiful plant, and you can’t help but feel better instantly. These tropical giants are easy to care for and full of personality. Taking home a Fiddle Leaf is a guaranteed mood-booster and gives you a new friend to brighten your home.