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Potting Bar

Art Terrarium Potting Bar

Get creative at our Potting Bar!

Our signature Potting Bar is a chance to get your hands dirty while crafting beautiful plant & planter creations. Unfortunately, the Potting Bar has had to take a break during the COVID-19 pandemic, but staff are still available to expertly pot your plants and walk you through everything you need to know about potting. Please read through the FAQ below before planning your visit to use the Potting Bar.


Potting Bar FAQs

How does the Potting Bar work?

At this time, the Potting Bar is for staff use only. If you purchase a plant and a pot, we will pot it for you, free of charge. If you order a pot and plant online and would like it potted, please leave us a note at check out.

Can I still make a terrarium at the shop?

No, but we will have DIY terrarium kits available for purchase. You can pick out the plants you’d like and purchase the kit to build at home. Terrariums range from $25-45.

What does it cost?

Pricing depends on the project. Terrariums range from $25-45, or you can pick your own pot and plant(s) for a custom arrangement. We have options as low as $6! Free potting if you purchase your plant and pot from us. Decorative moss and rocks for top dressing are available for an additional fee.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No. We will be limiting the amount of customers in the shop to 10 people. If we are at our max, we will ask you to wait outside. We recommend visiting on a week day to avoid wait times.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes, please wear a mask when visiting Art Terrarium.

I don’t know what I’m doing. Can you help me?

Luckily our staff are potting experts and will be happy to walk you through the potting process and give tips and tricks to help keep your houseplants healthy as they pot your plant.

Can I bring my own container?

You may bring your own pot or planter into our shop, but please sanitize it before bringing it in.

Can I bring in plants that need repotted?

Please do NOT bring outside plants into the shop at this time.

Can I bring in my own pots AND plants and have you pot everything for me?

No. We are happy to answer questions on how to repot your plants and we have bags of soil available for purchase.

Can I have a private party at Art Terrarium?

We are not hosting private parties at this time.

Can you bring the potting bar to my event/business?

We are currently not doing pop up events.