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Fiddle Leaf Fig


One of the most popular plants for home decor! The Fiddle Leaf Fig is well known for its big beautiful leaves.

Fiddle Leaf Figs (Ficus Lyrata) need very consistent bright, indirect light. They can even tolerate some full sun. They will drop leaves if they are not getting the light they need. They like to be watered when the top 25% of the soil is dry and need to be in a pot with a drainage hole. They are finicky, but with the correct light and care, they are fast growers!

6" Fiddle Figs are in a 6" pot and about a foot tall.

8" Fiddle Figs are in a 8" pot and about 2.5-3 ft tall.

10" Fiddle Figs are in a 10" pot and 3.5-4 ft tall.

12" Fiddle Figs (not pictured) are in a 12" pot and 5 ft tall.

14” Fiddle Figs are in a 14” pot and about 6.5 ft tall. 

They are considered slightly toxic if eaten.

Fiddle Leaf Fig