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Darkness Dwelling Plants

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Darkness dwelling plants dark corners low light

Photographs of ZZ Plant (above/below), taken by Nicole from Studio Preservation 

ZZ Plant
Peace Lily
Chinese Evergreen

Plants in your home can be for absolutely anyone, anywhere! Any home and anyone can reap the benefits and rewards of cleaner air and chic aesthetic with the addition of some green and leafy friends into their home. Even the dimmest corner in the darkest of winter months can be a cozy home for any of these darkness-loving plants that actually thrive off of a little neglect and a quiet corner.

These plants take everyone back to the basics and are the simplest way to bring a little bit of life into your own urban jungle.

zz plant low light

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant thrives on neglect! These tough little plants are quite happy in a dim room with only a little indirect sun or fluorescent light and barely any watering. In fact, the only complaints you might get from these plants is if you dote on them too much! Their beautiful broad leaves are the perfect blend of sturdy and beautiful and are the perfect touch to that corner of your home you never thought a plant could make it in. Sign up for the Art Terrarium email newsletter for blog articles

peace lily air cleaning low light plants

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are the plant that has everything: They thrive with very little light, they have elegant and iconic flowers, and they are air cleaning powerhouses. Enjoy the easy beauty of this plant and their frequent blooms as they makes your home happier, prettier, and healthier.

The peace lily is perfectly content with fluorescent lights as long as there is a touch of indirect sunlight around. While they do need fairly regular watering, they are very forgiving if they go thirsty for a day or two. Not just a pretty face, peace lilies are air filtering machines, hungrily devouring toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the air.

chinese evergreen plant houseplant low light

Chinese Evergreen

The chinese evergreen is a fantastically simple plant to care for that makes anyone look like an expert! The exotic colourings on this plant may make them look like a diva, but they are actually very straightforward and forgiving.

Tolerating low and medium light levels, the chinese evergreen is perfectly comfortable practically anywhere. These tough plants only need occasional watering too, meaning they will do fine if you simply forget about them every once in a while.

Sometimes, a little scrap of green that is reliable and low-maintenance is exactly what you need at home in the dark and bitter winter months. Explore the worry-free possibilities that these darkness-loving leafy friends can offer you!

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