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Urban Jungle Journal

Posts tagged: Des Moines

Plants That Will Thrive In Your Bathroom

I’m Allie, and I’ll be learning and sharing about a variety of plant care topics over the next few months on the Urban Jungle Journal. A little about me: I’ve claimed Des Moines as home for over a decade. I love houseplants, dogs, books, dessert, coffee, and tea.  I’m a...

Showing up with Plants

Hey it's Shylah, Art Terrarium Shopgirl, Art Curator, and now Plant Stylist! Plant Stylist is a title I made up to describe a role where I show up with plants for people, and put those plants in places. It involves creative solution finding, incorporating plants into environments, and transforming spaces!

Tillandsia Xerographica

Air plants (Tillandsia) are one of biggest trends for modern gardening, and for good reason. These plants are downright gorgeous and ultra low-maintenance. While they may not quite be able to live on air alone, these soilless plants are a statement wherever they go. Among the air plants, the Xerographica reigns...

Did I Kill My Plants: Daily and Emergency Care

This week, we’re talking about being a plant killer. Yes, I said it. In spite of a rocky plant-care track record, I was pretty sure that “This time would be different” and “I’m much more aware of what I’m doing.” Luckily, I was able to connect with Shylah and ask...

Air Cleaning Plants

Many of the materials in our everyday lives slowly add a cocktail of toxins into our air. Fortunately some of the most popular house plants are experts at removing toxins like formaldehyde, mold, benzene and others from your home. 

Cat-Friendly Houseplants

While you might look at your house plant and think it seems harmless, many of our favorites can be toxic to cats! Knowing which plants are cat-friendly or not, is very important to make sure our house is healthy and happy - for all our friends that call it home. 

Low Maintenance Houseplants

We love houseplants for their ability to bring home a little bit of green and a breath of fresh air every day of the year. If you’re looking for all the benefits of a houseplant (or a few!) but aren’t sure if you can keep one alive, here are some...

Terrarium Crash-Course

Terrariums are popular because they are easy, personal, and absolutely adorable! You can have your own little green world behind glass, at home - there are so many ways to make your perfect little ecosystem. Here's our crash course, on everything terrariums!

Aloe Vera: The Plant that Loves You Back

Whether you want to bring home your aloe to be a houseplant, superfood, or healing plant, it has all of the same care needs as a succulent. These adorable little guys call North Africa home, meaning the best care you can give them is to mimic their arid desert home....

Ferns: The Living Fossils

Ferns themselves are living fossils all the way from the Devonian period, and predate most of the plants we’re familiar with by more than a few million years. Once filling prehistoric forests, you can now have them as lush and leafy additions to your own Urban Jungle.

Darkness Dwelling Plants

Even the dimmest corner in the darkest of winter months can be a cozy home for any of these darkness-loving plants that actually thrive off of a little neglect and a quiet corner. Explore the worry-free possibilities that these darkness-loving leafy friends can offer you!